Fuse-a-web, priced by half metre


Sold by half metre 

Great quality alternative to bondaweb.

Fuse-a-web in an easy and clean way to affix fabric to fabric in applique and craft work.

It's used in the same way as hemming web but with advantage of width of 50cm it's suitable for larger pieces. It can also be used as hemming when cut into strips.

The web is paper backed and only tools required are scissors and hot iron.

Make sure the iron is set for correct temperature for your fabric. We recommend to do a test on scap piece.

Place the web side down on reverse side of your fabric piece and iron paper with a dry iron (no steam). Trim away any excess web and paper around the fabric piece.

Peel off the paper and place the piece onto the fabric you want to bond with coated side down in required position.

Cover with damp cloth and iron on bit by bit over your fabric piece keeping the heat for no more than 10 seconds.

To finish allow the fabric to cool down completely.

Wash at low temperature 30°

Instructions included.



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