Tulips Tutorial and Pattern

Tulips Tutorial and Pattern

Posted by Dorota on 4th Mar 2018

It's still so wintery outside but I'm longing for some spring sewing. These beautiful tulips are just what I need. Very simple and quick project - instant joy!

Here is what you need to make your bouquet:

- Red Single Jersey - jersey is great as it will make your tulip bud more plump but you can also use cotton.

- Green Cotton

- Straw  - I used paper one which is more strudy than plastic and eco-friendly :)

- Wooden skewer to help turn fabric around (optional)

- Stuffing

- Matching thread

- Hand sewing needle

- Erasable Pen

- Pinking Shears (optional)

- Pattern - get free pattern here

You can purchase Tulip Bouquet Kit with all-you-need to make a beautiful bouquet HERE

Here is how to do it:

1) For leaf and tulip bud put 2 layers of fabric right side together and with erasable pen draw around your pattern on fabric. 

For stem pattern cut out your fabric using pattern first.

2) Sew on the line leaving the straight edge unsewn. Cut around with pinking shears being careful not to cut the stitch.

3) Turn the leaf and tulip bud right side out

4) Turn the raw edges of the leaf inside about 1/4" and topstitch close to the edge. Fold the leaf in a half and with erasable pen draw the line 2" long and 1/2" from the fold of the leaf. That will create a channel for the stem.

5) Get the stem ready. Fold the stem piece in a half lenghtwise right side together. Sew one short and long edge creating a closed tube. Trim the corner close to stitch but be careful not to cut through the stitch.

Turn the tube right side out using the straw and the wooden skewer - first insert the straw up to the end and then using the skewer push the end inside the straw - super easy! Once you have it right side out push the straw inside. Push the stem inside the channel you made in the leaf.

6) Stuff the tulip. First folde the raw edges to the inside and run a gathering handstitch around the bottom. Pull the thread to gather and fit the stem inside. Pin the bud to the stem and handstitch to secure.

Hope you enjoy making the tulips as much as I did!