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Beissel Ball Point Jersey Needle Mix Pack dispatch 20/8

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Beissel Ball Point Jersey and Knit Needles

Pack of 5 needles

1 x 70/10, 2 x 80/12, 1 x 90/14, 1x 100/16

Beissel is a global needle brand with over 200-year German pedigree. It offers top quality needles made with precision German technology at affordable prices. Every Beissel needle, made at the state of the art plant passes through 155 stringent quality checks and conforms to German DIN Standards

The jersey needles have slightly rounded tip shape with ability to enter in between the yarns of knit fabrics instead of piercing like sharp point needles.

Suitable for all types of knit fabrics with 8% Lycra or less. For very stretchy fabrics opt for stretch needles.

Suitable for all conventional sewing machines.